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Tree Felling Johannesburg

Approved Tree Felling Contractors

For an effective and affordable tree care service, you can trust on us for all your tree removal needs as well as maintenance services. Regardless of where you are based in Johannesburg, our certified specialists are always available. No matter your job’s size, our residential and commercial tree experts are always ready to assist. We have the knowledge and experience to establish the problem and have it addressed in the most effective and safe way.

For affordable assistance, contact our emergency Johannesburg tree felling number: 087 551 0614

Leading Tree Cutting Services

As Johannesburg leading tree felling contractors, our tree care services abide by all safety regulations of South Africa. Our specialist team has a wide skill set. We are not just expert timber jacks; we provide professional consultations on tree removal as well. We’ve the knowledge and experience to check your tree’s health for disease or blight. We’ll then determine whether a given tree needs to be removed or it can be saved. We will also establish if the tree has any structural weaknesses and if it’s likely to damage your property.

Whatever question you might have, call our Johannesburg’s tree care experts on 087 551 0614

Our Tree Felling Services Johannesburg Wide:

  • cutting all kinds of trees down: palm, gum tree, elm, plants, jacaranda
  • urban site clearing
  • lightning protection systems
  • storm damage/ insurance claims
  • tree replacements/ planting in streets, gardens, parks
  • wood chipping/mulching
  • firewood and instant lawn supplies
  • site clearance and garden clean-ups
  • palm tree removal
  • cutting & pruning services
  • tree consultancy/ consultations & appraisals/audits
  • disease diagnosis & treatment
  • urban tree removals, public or private spaces
  • alien or invasive species removal
  • crane truck hire + chipper hire
  • tree bracing/ cabling/ rigging

Our cutting edge Techniques:

Although trees are a vital part of our environment, it may be necessary to cut them down when they pose a threat or begin to encroach on homes, businesses, or other structures. Tree felling is a difficult task that calls for experience and knowledge. Our Johannesburg tree felling team steps in to help with that. Our business is committed to offering top-notch tree-felling services, employing the most recent tools and methods to complete the work in a secure and timely manner.

Our Johannesburg tree falling crew is aware of the value of trees and their contribution to the environment. We are aware of the risks that trees offer when they are infected or overgrown. For this reason, we've assembled a group of knowledgeable tree cutters that are committed to offering the people of Johannesburg the best tree felling services available. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to complete any task, whether it involves clearing a huge area or only one tree.

Latest Technology and Methods

Our accredited tree felling in Johannesburg team are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of new developments in tree felling technology and methods. To make sure we are providing our clients with the greatest available solutions, our team is always investigating and putting novel ideas to the test. Modern chainsaws, rigging tools, cranes, and stump grinders are available to our crew, all of which are intended to make the operation of felling trees as easy and secure as possible. To keep us abreast of the most recent developments in tree felling technology and methods, our equipment is routinely serviced and updated. No matter the size or complexity of the work, we are able to offer our clients fast, dependable, and safe tree felling services by employing the greatest tools and equipment on the market.

Here are a few of the innovative methods we employ:

Controlled Felling and Rigging

For the purpose of felling trees in urban settings where safety is a top priority, rigging and controlled felling are crucial strategies. These methods are taught to our team of professionals, guaranteeing that every tree we cut down is done so safely and with the least possible harm to the environment.

Cranes for tree removal services

Cranes may be required to securely and effectively remove huge trees while felling them in urban settings. Because of the expertise of our staff in employing cranes for tree removal, each job is completed with the highest care and professionalism.

Crown Thing & Reduction

Crown Reduction & Thinning is another often utilised cutting-edge method for trees. By eliminating a section of the tree's crown, this procedure allows the tree to preserve its original shape while decreasing its height and spread. This technique is frequently applied to lessen the possibility of wind damage, enhance the health of the tree overall, and raise the clearance for buildings, electricity lines, and other structures.

Skilled arborists undertake crown reduction and thinning by removing specific branches and vegetation using specialised tools and methods. This is accomplished while minimising the negative effects on the tree's health and preserving its structural integrity and stability. A healthier, more visually attractive, and less prone to injury or failure tree is the end outcome.

In order to do the task safely and effectively, we our one of the city’s leading providers of tree felling services in Johannesburg, only employ the most recent tools and methods. We are committed to offering top-notch services to the residents of Johannesburg and the surrounding Gauteng area. Call the leading tree fellers in the city today!